Rick Riordan Spin-off Campaign

Traveling is HARD

Why is it never the case that a demigod learns of their true identity and take a leisurely stroll to camp? They always have to disbelieve and almost die! What a hassle?! At the hotel, Alex decided to answer the newbies questions. Little did he know that the Stymphalian Birds were gathering. When they attacked, it was chaos. Teressa stayed in the room and fought while everyone else ran away except Berk who had stupidly jumped out of a window. While Teressa valiantly slayed some of the bigger birds. Patrick and Brian stumbled down the stairs to get out of the building which led to Patrick discovering that he could do magic like he read in his books. Maybe he is a child of Hecate? In the meantime Berk got the car running and pulled it around front so that everyone had a nice exit.
The journey went on without a hitch until the party needed to stop for gas and to use the bathroom. There they encountered two meph… I mean angry nature spirits. The battle was going extremely well until one of them summoned 3 more. During the battle everyone took significant damage and Pat passed out from blood loss. Luckly the party did finish of the spirits and were able to heal up and get out of the gas station. Now the party is within reach of camp halfblood but will they find when they arrive?



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