Rick Riordan Spin-off Campaign

Uniting the characters

Adventures at Chocolate World

Everyone came to Chocolate World for a different reason. The seasoned demigod, Alex, was taking a break before heading back to camp after a successful concert at State choir. The newbies were also there for various competitions. Patrick was attending state track; Berk, a Hockey tournament; and Brian an Art Competition. Teressa was the only one that knew that danger was present. When she had gotten there Alex had already been attacked by three skeletons and couldn’t help the others. A skeleton snuck up on Brian while the group was still unorganized and did some solid damage. When Teressa found the monster, she quickly dispatched it. She then continued looking for the group. The group met together quite on accident in the chocolate store. It was then that the skeletal mount reared its ugly head. The only person who had a weapon was Teressa. She did the brunt of the labor but Berk also managed to get a few good punches in. Alex, on the other hand, completely devoid of options, decided to distract the monster by jumping on top of it. This was a huge mistake because the mount was then able to buck him off like a bronco. Alex fell to the ground out like a light. The others were able to finish the mount and wake Alex. Alex quickly called for a retreat and with Teressa explained that the greek Pantheon is active on earth. The newbies, didn’t believe but the agreed to follow him for the time being, to his hotel to get weapons.



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